Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pony Play 101 - Some of my Favorite Links

Lord Saber's pony play FAQ site is probably the first site I visited when I started looking into pony play. As with most other sites, it is written by a male Dom and focuses on ponygirls. Still, it's well written and he acknowledges that ponyboys are easily as numerous if not more so, and it is easy to think in whatever terms you wish. He also has a large number of links on this page.

Equus Eroticus Magazine is geared entirely to the pony play scene. It's interesting to see people I know in print! Single issues are $12 and an 8-issue subscription is $80. It is published on an irregular bases, coming out whenever there is enough material to put one together. In November 2007, they will be going to full color. It's a high-quality magazine even in black and white, though.

The Albany Power Exchange has a good page that gives a brief rundown on pony play here. Most of what I learned early on about the BDSM lifestyle came from the APEx Site. The sheer volume of information here is unbelievable.

The Central Texas Kink Ranch holds several pony play weekends during the year that include plenty of time for play as well as workshops and classes. This is an actual horse ranch (Arabians), so the setup is certainly realistic. The weekends are unbelievably inexpensive. A weekend pass is $40 and lodgings are a very small extra charge. A pony like me can have stable accommodations for an added $2. This includes fresh hay, blankets and feed and water pans - all I need! Those wanting private rooms can have them for $15. This is in the Austin, TX area, so heat isn't a problem. The only real expense is getting there. Booked way ahead of time, a round trip flight is as little as $350 to Austin from Logan Airport. I am contemplating a pilgrimage someday - as is my trainer.

The Water Hole Custom Leather is Buck's site. There is a ton of information here as well as a good listing of the sorts of tack and gear that ponies use. Of particular interest are the stories that you will find if you visit Buck's Stall. Among other things, he has a 14-chapter story on how he became a ponyboy. Some of the story made my hair stand on end (I was very new to this at the time - my limits have shifted significantly since then), but I read the entire story in one sitting. The story doesn't seem to end at chapter 14, but I don't know if there is any more coming. A lot of pony play pages have links to the Water Hole. It's worth a good look around.

Trigger, The Human Equine is an interesting character. His dream is to live 24/7/365 as a horse and it looks as though that dream is coming true. To each his own. I do enjoy being human most of the time. It makes those trips into pony head space so much more special for me. Nothing is more boring to me than being hitched to a post and left to wait while my trainer is working with another pony. I don't resent it and I'm not jealous of the attention at all, it's just not very entertaining unless someone is grooming me, petting me, feeding me a treat or otherwise giving me something to focus on. I'm most likely to misbehave when I'm bored. Ponies are high-maintenance creatures! I can't imagine living 24/7 as a pony, but that's me. Check out Trigger's thoughts on this. I can't wait to meet him - perhaps at Camp Crucible. Speaking of which...

Camp Crucible includes what has been described as the best pony camp in existence by many I have spoken to. There isn't much to see on their site right now, but you can subscribe to their Announce List and get news when it is available. Camp is a bit pricey, but you get a LOT for your money. To quote the site:

"Your basic registration includes: 5 days and 4 nights of meals, snacks, drinks, lodging, spa treatments, pool activities, special events, 24 hour dungeon and play spaces - both public and private, world class lectures, demos, and one-on-one instruction by top players from all over the
nation . . . and even the Topless Taxis! We even have three world class camp stores for your fetish shopping experience."

'Nuff said! I'm going!

The Maximum Awesome My Little Pony page is the site that got me exercising. My unofficial mantra came from this site, "This is NOT a fetish for the lazy!" Lots of good basic information. And Sparky is one good looking ponyboy!

The Other Pony Club is in the U.K. This site also has basic information. Most of it is similar in tone to the rest of the sites you will find here, but from another perspective.

So that's it for now. If you are curious about pony play and what we do at events, you have a lot to help you in your search for information. If more links appeal to me, I'll post them here.


Rya said...

I just wanted to say I found your blog by accident but what a pleasure. What a beautiful pony you are. Makes a girl think of childhood and the dreams of owning her own pony.
Thank you for sharing you wonderful experience.

Ponyboy Rusty said...

Thanks Rya! I'm glad you have enjoyed your time here. There will be more to read once I get off my lazy tail and write. And thank you for the kind words as well.

hpony said...

Were is the central tx kink ranch...does it have a web site or phone number...I really want to go.

Ponyboy Rusty said...

CTK is no longer in operation, unfortunately. They stopped doing the Pony Jamboree after the 2008 one. Sorry it took me almost three years to tell you that.